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Provocation Imaginarium
Friday, August 16, 2019   9pm
Details: Provocation invites you to a night of kinky fun for like minded people who want to play.

Provocation is taking you on a Sci Fi journey beyond your darkest fantasies! Imaginarium is wild playground of fantastic costumes, interactive performance and underground music with a resolutely down-to-earth ethos. Sci-Fi has no limits with anything from episodes in a television sci-fi serial, whether it be dealing with an invasion of hell-spawn, investigating a rainforest covered jungle planet or rendezvousing with an intergalactic travelling circus there is always more narrative for the committed fans to get involved with.

Provocation is a kink club that is brimming with good vibes, unpretentious characters and genuine old-skool dj talent.

We have something special for you, somewhere that you can play unrestricted. A venue that you can explore that is filled with nooks and crannies that will be overloaded with equipment so that everyone can play. You can even dance with a sexy intimate dance floor. There is a medical area, several large pieces of play equipment, suspension frame, cages. We will supply some lovely nibbles and the resident Provocation slaves will ensure no one misses out.

You need to bring your own play toys, needles and sharps containers and an open mind. We have the opinion that while your kink may not be our kink - respect is compulsory.

Don’t hold back in expressing yourself or your kinks, the environment we are trying to create is one where you can be yourself, the true you that might stay hidden in everyday life… So bring out all that gear you thought was a little ‘too much’ for public viewing, there’s no judgement here and a lot of people are probably going to really love it.

If you are new to the scene, and plan to attend Provocation for the first time, please introduce yourself at the door and we will show you around.

We are an inclusive, pansexual event and require all our patrons to accept and respect this. Someone’s kink may not be your kink, but you must respect their right to it.

Join us and get your kink on.
MM & the Provocation Team
Venue: Geddes Lounge Rooftop
Geddes Lane, Melbourne
Cost: For more information visit our website.
Bookings: Not required. Tickets at the door.
Dress Code: Fetish, minimum all black.
The all black clothing minimum is a concession to those who are new to these kinds of events and don’t yet have a kink wardrobe or those who are not comfortable in the more ‘traditional’ fetish wear of leather, latex and PVC etc.
Contact Email:
Website: Click here to visit website
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