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Tantra of Rope Bondage
Saturday, October 26, 2019   5pm
Details: ‘The Tantra of Rope Bondage’ demystifies the deeply personal art form of intuitive rope play. It teaches the foundational skills and perspectives from which rich and genuine human intimacy and magical creative fluency flow.

Not only by defining the valuable technicalities of basic knots and safety issues, but also by taking you step-by-step through simple yet effective Tantric skills. Showing you how to maximise powerful presence, erotic polarity, and the archetypal dynamics of authentic (rather than performance-based) control and surrender.

Many people imagine it's possible to explore amazing connections in rope play, yet believe it's something ‘only other people can do’. The aim of this workshop is to teach anyone drawn to this approach that it's not just for paragons of perfection, but something that can be learned. (That 'Tantra' can be a natural and simple style of intimacy, not just a complex and esoteric discipline for hippies and yogis.)

Basic prior experience with bondage is useful but not required to attend this workshop. It contains elements that make it a valuable experience for those new to exploring these realms, as well as for those with previous knowledge.

This event is open to couples as well as singles. Come along in a pair (friends, practice partners, partners, etc) or come along single. Those attending solo will be partnered up with other participants regardless of gender. As in any good Tantra workshop, nobody is required to get their sexy on with anyone else. Yes, erotic charge can happen and can be beautiful. The polarity of rope play can sometimes be effortlessly delicious, and this event covers other Tantric connection practices too.
Venue: AKA Studio
130c Nicholson Street
Brunswick East
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