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Fundamental Rope Bondage
Saturday, December 7, 2019   1pm
Details: Restraint play is as dynamic and diverse as the fabulous people who experiment with it. Exploring different techniques and styles can be wildly rewarding. This introductory course focuses specifically on rope bondage. Safety, etiquette and basic techniques are clearly addressed in an uncomplicated manner so that students gain a confident foundation from which to develop and cultivate their own style and relationship to bondage. Instruction is conducted in a friendly and playful environment. No student will be harshly judged or pushed beyond their comfort zone, and safe practices will be vigilantly enforced.

“Fundamental Rope Bondage” will help establish a solid foundation upon which both aspiring and practicing bondageers can build more complex and satisfying ties. Expert guidance will imbue students with an understanding of basic anatomy, safe practices, consent and negotiation, simple knots, rope selection and handling as well as basic ties and positions with a wide variety of practical applications. Once the basics are suitably covered, students are encouraged to discover and explore their own creative style.

No prior experience with tying, bondage or kinky exploration is required.

The practical portions of the workshop will be conducted in pairs. If you haven’t booked in with a partner, please be open to working with other participants OF ANY GENDER. There is no sexual contact or nudity in this workshop, and everyone’s boundaries and comfort levels will be respected. It’s a great way to make new friends and help build a bondage-positive community!

Rope and safety scissors will be provided for use. If you have rope that you’re partial to (or perhaps rope you’ve acquired that you’d like to play with) please bring it. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.
Venue: AKA Studio Yoga
130c Nicholson Street, Brunswick East
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