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Workshop Kink 101: A beginners guide to kink
Saturday, November 2, 2019   10am
Details: 'Kink’ (noun): A sharp twist or curve in something that is otherwise straight.

If you’re curious about kinky stuff, or you’ve played a little bit but want a more solid foundation, then this space is for you. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and attitude you need to pursue kink safely, at your own pace, while giving you a feel for what is possible. It will present information in a way that is positive, accessible, fun, and empowering.

You don't need any background knowledge or experience. Subject material is approached with a sense of humour and a deep respect for getting the fundamentals correct first. The workshop will establish:

• A quick review of the world of kink – what’s possible, what it’s about, why people like it.
• Safety – what parts of your mind and body are good to play with, and what you should leave for later. How to avoid abuse, and how to negotiate play. How to pick a wickedly good play partner from one to avoid.
• A discovery of your own pleasure, pain, and limitations, and simple techniques to provide this feedback to a partner.
• Roles and jargon – what’s a sub, dom, top, bottom, switch, and how do you fit into all that?
• The curve of a kinky scene: Negotiation, foreplay, warm-up, action, cool-down, and after-care.
• How communication is your gateway to a world of adventure.

There are two versions of this workshop - heterosexual pairings, and mixed-gender pairings. The content is identical, but the way that you are paired for exercises varies.
Venue: Brunswick VIC, addressed released upon booking
Cost: For more information visit our website:
Bookings: Bookings can be made online.
The workshop is for couples & singles [M/F pairings]
Dress Code: Whatever you're comfortable in. There is no dress code.
Contact Email:
Website: Click here to visit website
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